Real Confessions of an Internet Money Maker

A beautiful woman on her computer while having breakfastWhat does it really take to make some cold hard cash in the white hot world of internet marketing?

Look online and you’ll see guru after promising guru. You’ll see them swear up and down that it’s easy, simple and almost elementary for you to make life changing money with “a few weird tricks.”

They’ll reveal what those tricks are. But not after dropping a cool couple hundred bucks for their life-changing money making online course.
It’s a common practice in the internet world. The fact is, if you can solve the right problem and create the right product for the right market, money will make it’s home in your bank account.

But is making money online really as easy as it seems?

There are a lot of great pros to making that internet money. It’s an incredible feeling to sit at your laptop and watch as people purchase your product or request your services. Do it well enough and you can enjoy the benefits of working from … well.. almost anywhere! See those well-dressed, laid-back aficionados hanging out in the coffee shop with their laptops open? Chances are, they’ve hit the online money making jackpot.

Internet MarketingBelieve the hype ladies and gents. Making money online is a real scenario. Find the right niche, connect with the right clients and you can make a comfortable living from your home.

But not everyone enjoys online riches. Unfortunately, there’s a sea of scams waiting to disappoint your money making ambitions in the online world. There’s endless stories of life hacking gone wrong; money order cash scams, lottery scams, phony inheritances and fake business investment opportunities. They’re crawling all over the net. One of the more infamous trends includes writing fake reviews on large sites like Yelp and Wedding Wire. Not only is it a crappy thing to do, it’s illegal.

The rule of thumb in internet money making?

If it sounds too good to be true, most of the time it usually is. Any seasoned internet marketing entrepreneur will tell you that it takes hard work and determination to make it big. Surprise, surprise. Sounds like anything else. It takes practice, research, application and a little luck over a period of time. With some sweat equity and consistent action, you can fatten your online wallet too.
In the world of the internet, money making can be a little more complex and ultimately – a lot more fun. There’s really no other place where you don’t need a lot of money and capital to get started. If you take a few minutes to go through your favorite search engine, you can find your own online domain for $1. You can set up a website in less than one day.

And the best part? You can sell anything at anytime.

Want to write a book on goblins in a futuristic planet who fall in love with humans? Go for it. Interested in selling old antique watches or a video series on how to knit? There’s a market for it.

On the net, your creativity is welcome and with the development of social media and 24/7 news coverage, your authenticity is golden. In fact, it’s almost demanded by your audience. People want to see the real you and what you have to offer the world. It might be tough… it might be complicated… but in the online world of buying and selling, you’ll find that everything is fair.

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