Make More Profits With Email Marketing

@ E-mail marketing. Modern computerWhen it comes to the success of a business, the marketing strategies you use are extremely important. With proper marketing, you can gain more clients and make more profits. One of the best and cheapest marketing methods used today is email marketing.

How it Works

Email marketing is all about providing information about your product or services and advertising through electronic mailing.

This form of marketing can be used to promote loyalty of the customer and to enhance a relationship between the current customers and the seller. It can also be used to help get new customers or to convince the existing customers to buy something again.

This marketing allows you to interact with your customers. You can answer questions, get new orders and improve your strategies through their feedback. Apart from this, you get a chance to give your customers updates about new products, which boosts sales.


1.Reach a large audience

The greatest benefit of email marketing is that it allows you to reach a global audience with very little effort. With this form of advertising, there is no geographical boundary. A person in U.S can advertise his/her products and services in Asia with minimum efforts. Although, you can still reach a global audience with other offline advertising methods like TV, print media and radio, email marketing is the easiest.

2.Cost effective

It’s very cheap to launch an email campaign compared to other methods. Once you get your own subscribers, the cost of sending emails is very low.

target market3.Target audience

This marketing allows you to send the message to your target audience, unlike a website where you have to wait a customer to visit.

4.Easy to track

Email marketing efforts are easy to keep track by using read-receipts, click-troughs, bounce messages, un-subscribers, web bugs and so much more. This information can be used to assess negative and positive responses, open rates and correlating sales.

5.Instant messages

Unlike other forms of advertisements that have to be mailed, with this form of marketing, messages are practically instantaneous. Once an email is sent, it arrives at its destination within seconds or minutes.


1.Spam emails

The greatest disadvantage of this marketing is that your emails will sometimes be deemed as spam. Today, many people are bombarded with lots of unsolicited emails. For this reason, email service providers have to take measures to enforce more powerful spam filters. Although the filters are good at blocking spam emails, sometimes they block legitimate ones too. This may limit the number of customers you reach. To prevent this, avoid using words like ‘Free’, Coupon’, and ‘discounts’ when sending emails.

2.Unread emails

Due to the sheer volume of commercial emails that people get in a day, some may not read the emails. In some cases, they will delete them without even a glance.

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