How to Make Money with Paid to Click

Clixsense ReviewThere are many different ways that you can earn some extra cash online. One of the easiest is using paid to click sites. This guide will look at how these paid to click websites can give you some extra cash to spend on things that you enjoy.

What is Paid to Click?

Paid to click websites allow you to earn money by doing very little using your computer. All you need to do is visit one of the paid per click sites and register for an account. Once you are signed in, it’s then possible to start earning money by simply clicking on the adverts which appear on the page. It really couldn’t be easier.

Earning Extra Money

Clicking on things is a great way to earn money without needing to think. However, most paid to click sites also feature additional ways to make money. This can include using the sites to perform web searches, or even just completing a survey. None of these will earn huge amounts of money, but the few cents you earn here and there will really start to mount up. It’s money for nothing, so how can anyone complain?

Which Paid to Click sites are Worth Using?

There are quite a few scams on the Internet, so it really does pay to be careful. This is especially true when entering personal information about yourself. Two paid to click sites which come highly recommended are ClixSense and NeoBux.


ClixSense is one of the most popular paid to click websites available. This site has many different ways that you can earn money. Most people can earn around 7 cents per day just by clicking. There are also plenty of other tasks available which can earn more money. Clixsense has excellent rates of pay which makes it one of the most enjoyable pay per click sites out there. Clixsense also has a referral program and allows members to complete surveys and make money by shopping online.

The site is very easy to use. Once logged in you will see a list of available ads. You will need to view each one for a certain length of time before clicking on it. As long as you follow the rules then you will get paid for all your hard work.

Once you earn up to $15, you can then withdraw your funds to paypal, or opt to receive a check if you prefer.


NeoBux is another popular website where you can earn money for viewing adverts and performing simple tasks. NeoBux is a genuine pay per click company and really will pay out, as long as you follow all the rules. You’re not going to get rich from this site any time soon, but it sure can provide you with some extra spending money.

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