How to Make Money with YouTube

youtubeYou tube is a program that was created by google where you can upload videos. You can upload any type of video provided you have adhered to the rules and regulations. After uploading the videos, you will gain audience of your videos from where you will easily earn from google AdSense. For you to earn money on YouTube, there are some steps you need to follow. For example, you should have a YouTube channel which has a lot of views. At first it may appear hard for you to earn, but in case you have passion in photography you will easily make money online via YouTube. Here are some tips for you to follow so that you will make money on the platform:

Create a YouTube

You will easily sign up for a YouTube account provided you have a google account. Just like the way you will register in different platforms online, with a google account you will easily register and have your account. You can simply visit YouTube account page for you to sign up. The process of signing up is simple, but it will not end there for you to start making money. You will have to work on the account from you to generate revenues.

Apply for google AdSense

For you to earn money from your YouTube Account, you will have to apply for google AdSense. When applying for google AdSense account you will have to input tax information and other requirements for your account to be approved. Upon approval of the account, you can just link it to the YouTube account so that you will earn revenue from the number of views and clicks that your channel will achieve.

Make quality videos

People will be interested in watching quality videos. You should take time and locate the best area of your interest where you will be uploading videos for people to see. In case you love comedy, then try to shoot videos that will make people access quality comedy from your channel. The videos should be short because many people will prefer watching short but interesting videos.

Configure your channel for SEO

For your uploaded videos to be seen by many people online, you should configure them for search engine optimisation. Videos that will tend to attract more attention online will lead you to earning more money. This is because the google absence programs will always pay you accounting to the number traffic you will receive which will lead to clicks on ads. You can hire an expert to help you in configuring the channel for SEO in case you do not understand how it is done well.

Try to promote your video

There are many platforms online which you can use to promote your video. For example, you can use your blogs or social platforms online for you to promote the videos. You will earn from google AdSense after people click on ads that will be displayed on your videos. But it is very easy for you to increase the likelihood of people clicking on the ads after you increase the exposure of the videos online.

Check your analytics

It is very necessary for you to check out YouTube analytic and know the type of videos that will capture more attention online. After you learn about the videos that will lead you to earning more revenue, then you should go on and create a lot of such types of videos.


Great value LabelThere are many benefits you will enjoy after you resort to YouTube as a platform where you will make money online. Some of the benefits include the following:

It is free to start a YouTube account

You will not need a lot of capital for you to start a YouTube channel which you will later monetize. In case you are a passionate videographer, you will easily start making money out of your passion.

It is easy to use the platform

You will not have to be a highly skilled programmer for you to know how to use the platform. The platform is self-explanatory for you to use.

Cons to YouTube

You can easily attract unwanted attention

You may like to post certain videos which will be relevant to people in a certain region, but the platform will allow people from different parts of the world to access them. In case you post videos with confidential information, you will easily make your privacy vulnerable.

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