SEO & Keyword Research

seoSEO (Search engine optimization) is the process of using keywords to target a specific site. For example, for a company which tows cars(i.e., the term towing would be one of the many targeted keywords used, in order to optimize the site, and make it friendly to search engines. Following is a brief explanation of SEO, keyword research, and the pros and cons of this method of ranking your site through search engines.

SEO & keyword research –

SEO involves choosing targeted keywords, based on the type of business you run, the products you sell, or services you offer to customers. In marketing, keyword research is one of the most important and valuable things you can do, in order to help optimize your site. When your site ranks for the right keywords, you are going to see the results through higher ranks on search engines. SEO and keyword research isn’t always about driving more people to your site, but driving the right visitor to your site. So, consider these factors.

How do you judge value of keywords? –

What is a keyword worth to your site? If you run a company for towing services, are visitors more likely to search “local towing” or “tow services locally?” Webmasters understand the terms people search when looking for towing services, keyword research tools allows you to determine the value of searched terms. However, webmasters also have to consider other factors including:
– How relevant keywords are to the site’s content.
– What searchers will find when entering a particular term.
– Whether or not people are happy with the results of keyword searches.
These, and other factors go into deciding which keywords are relevant, which ones are most valuable to your site, and which ones will draw more traffic, via SEO searches.

Long tail keywords count –

Keyword research also entails long tailed keywords. These are keywords, which include additional words or phrases. So, lets look at the towing example. Sure, it would be ideal to rank #1 for the keyword towing; however, this is rarely the term searched online. Rather, you need to incorporate other relevant information. So, phrases such as: “towing in city/state”, “local towing costs,” and “best prices for local tow truck services in city/state.”

Every individual searching for towing services is looking for something a little different. Therefore, long tailed keyword searches are extremely important to your rank in SEO.

Keyword research tools –

keyword planner toolThere are a variety of research tools you can use, when deciding on keywords for your towing site. Some of the more popular options include:
– Google Adwords.
– Keyword planner tool.
– Microsoft Bing ads intelligence.
– Google trends.
Consider using these, as well as other paid for services, when researching keywords, and determining what will help your site outrank local competitors.

Pros of using this method –

There are a number of benefits of using SEO and keyword research to develop your site. Some of these include:
1. You can rank for several keywords and long tail phrases. It won’t limit the ways in which people will find your site when searching for towing services.
2. SEO searches are the most popular. When people are looking for a product or service, they typically turn to Google or other search engines.
3. It gives you more leverage. The more targeted keywords and phrases you have, the easier it will be to outrank competitors, and have your site rank among the top service providers.
4. It allows you to rank locally. Using keyword research tools allows you to incorporate city/state, and other local terms into keyword searches, allowing local customers to find you.

The cons –

Like the benefits, there are certain drawbacks to using this method. Some of them include:
1. You can’t rank for everything. Whether it is towing, sneakers, or any other business, you will never outrank competitors, for every single word/phrase search.
2. It takes time, research, and money. If you want this method to work, you will invest in it.
3. If it is a local business, it has to be done properly to ensure more localized results.
4. Everyone does it. With so much competitors out there, everyone relies on SEO, keyword research tools, and working with professional SEO companies, so their site will outrank competitors.

With proper placement, keyword research, and the right targeted words, phrases, and long tailed keywords, your towing business will outrank and outperform local competitors. But, it is going to take time to see your site grow in rank. Further, with so many changes in Google’s terms, and continual updates to SEO, it will require continual work and tweaking if you want to remain atop the search engines. With this said, when properly done, SEO and keyword research, and truly propel your towing company, and make you a top contender in a local, national, and even global market for your business.

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